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Create Your Own Insta Sticky Note & Stick To Schedule

Reminder to self: Got to get me likes today. Schedule one hour two days from now and check how my followers are doing. Maybe next week look and see whether it’s feasible to purchase a few comments per blog post. By now you should be getting a clear picture.

You should be getting a clear picture in your mind on how it rolls for what I like to call the regular Instagrammer. H’mm. Edit and spellcheck. System accepts. That means the def I gave myself’s been used before. What’s wrong with a little self-created slang and casualness along the way?

To my mind, it kind of makes the day roll on a little quicker. Not quickly like so that it gets done over and finished with so that I can push off to do a few other worthless things. Or do nothing at all. You know what they say about idle fingers. The devil loves those who choose to be bone idle. Heck, even the bible tells you so. To think there’s people out there that are just so darn lazy, and crazy, they won’t even get up out of bed and make themselves a sarmie.

No, the thing is, that’s never me. I’m always busy these days. It’s just that some days are just so darn hard and you really could use the break. I’m feeling a little excited about today and tonight, and maybe even tomorrow. Not that I’m deliberately rushing through my work, no, I wouldn’t want to hurt the quality, it’s just that I’ve got that energy boost and the work may just get finished a little earlier than usual.

And what’s that energy boost? And where am I getting it from? It’s motivation, folks. And I think I’ll be honest in saying that I got it from experience. Been there and done that. Been to the college; the school of hard knocks. Heck, the world’s greatest entrepreneurs have all said it before. It’s better to make mistakes when you’re starting out. Otherwise how’re you supposed to learn from them. And so it goes.

You learn from experience. You learn from your mistakes. But listen up guys. This doesn’t mean that you must now go out there and deliberately make those mistakes. Like not pitching up for work at your desk. Fact is, with all the great tools Instagram and their affiliates are providing you with these days, you really don’t need to be making mistakes like we did. Look, I’m not patronizing you or anything, it’s just that, gosh, we sure wish we had the online gifts you guys have today. And they really are gifts when you think about it.

Because most of the time it’s coming to you for free. Okay, sure, you’ve got to buy your likes, followers and comments, but have you checked the prices they’re charging? Hardly a bean. I always say, if you can afford your latte, you can afford to buy your insta paraphernalia.

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Good Notes On Buying Likes & Followers

Read these next few lines as intently as possible. It is in your own best interest to do so. That is to say, you wish to become assertive in your efforts to turn your small online business into a successful and recognizable one. Understandably, most readers will identify with success merely in the monetary sense. It is not just a question of surviving and getting by, paying the bills on time and being able to live a respectable but comfortable life. In business, any business you can think of, a steady stream of income is always required to keep the business viable.

As in running well and never being faced with threats of closure. Not always easy to do in today’s challenging business environments. One of the most salient features of everyday business challenges is that no matter what your niche or specialization, you always appear to be up against it in terms of the competition. And when thinking in terms of quality, you should regard this as a feather in your cap rather than some failure on your part. It is with great perturbation that many a fine business comes to wonder why and how so many other inferior businesses are perceptively star attractions on social media networks and the internet in general.

It is no longer an open secret even but these folks get likes for Instagram by buying them. They do the same with their many followers. It seems as though that they are the flavor of the month, heavily popular. But not really. Many of these inferior businesses simply have inactive followers on their books. Be bold, step a little closer to their business, and that’s only if they let you, and you’ll soon find that they aren’t really making as much money as it appears or as they should. And that is really where it matters at the end of the day.

But there is no harm in making that contentious or controversial purchase every once in a while. It is only contentious or controversial, depending on which online book you’re reading. Look out not for those who have 50,000 followers on their books (although it must be said that there are famous brands out there worthy of this kind of tally) but look out for those influencers who are trending high up on ranking lists on a regular basis. These folks are doing something right in the internet marketing business.

Because everybody is talking about it. How would it look if, for instance, if all those thousands of folks out there were talking in fanatical terms about a ‘business’ that is just an empty shell? It would make you look rather foolish if you were one of these groupies. It is a good idea, however, to follow the leader. You learn valuable marketing and business lessons from these folks. It is just a question of hooking up with the proven ones. Not ‘chosen’ ones, proven ones.

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Positive Things, Instant Things, Interesting Life

I am one of those campaigners or influencers who believe in getting the best out of life. Sure enough, you will always have your down days, you would not be human if you did not, but I am one of those who believes in always getting up in the morning and trying to get the most out of each and every day. Learn to live and let live. Learn to live life as though this was your last day on planet earth. And beyond this social media universe of ours, I am one of those that believe that there is another universe out there to which we must all go to someday once our time is up on this here planet.

Positive things, instant things, and what an interesting life you can have. It is not entirely a negative if you are one of those irate online customers who have determined that if you want something done, it’s best to do it yourself. Do it yourself. DIY. I have always liked the sound of that jingle. It is very positive. Did you know that I get instant followers almost every single day? It’s amazing, I know. What amazes me is the positive results I always seem to get. But it shouldn’t because these are my just rewards for doing all the hard work.

Now, for some of you, this may sound like little Ms. Perfect speaking. It is nowhere near the case. I am not the perfect specimen. I am still human although I do believe in aliens. Living on another planet in another universe, of course. Being human, I have made my share of mistakes. And this is why I have managed to adopt from day one of my transformation from poor little poor girl to successful and enterprising and entertaining work at home entrepreneur. I always tell my kids; never leave over things for tomorrow if you can still finish it today. That is now the usual approach I take to my Instagram work.

Instagram and me kind of complement each other. I am one of those who bothered to listen and learn. I was following top influencers in my niche for long enough to take in their worthy advice. And one of the things they said to me – funny thing that, they always spoke to me as if I was the only one in the chatroom, that is what it felt like anyhow – is to always project a positive voice when addressing the readers and followers out there. If it touches the heart of just one of my readers, then I always feel as though I have achieved something worthwhile.

Life can be quite challenging in social media circles. You see, we are operating in a highly competitive market environment. Gosh, just for a second I have had one of those mental lapses. But just for a second. And soon we must go. Speaking of which, I’ve got to go and fetch the kids from school.

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To Get More Followers; Whichever Suits You Best

Hi. This short note of mine is just a basic introduction to you all to help you get Instagram followers to your platform and keep them. Like there are many ways to skin a cat, there are many ways you could go about this. No, not skinning that darn cat. I happen to love cats. Don’t go blogging and Instagramming about this either because if I ever catch you doing this, I will un-follow you as quick as it takes to say ‘that’.

And if I had the time of the day to be hot and bothered about it, I would let your reputation stink to high and hell water. But that’s not me. Don’t take me being a nice guy and all for granted. And that’s not it either. It’s just that I’ve got better things to do with my Instagram time. And that’s another thing, good to know that it’s not happening often but I for one do not believe in using this great platform to tell bad stories about other people.

Anyhow, I’ve got my own suggestions on how you can more followers to, well, follow you on Instagram. The numerous other ways, well, it all depends on what you’re doing with your platform. What is your subject matter? What kind of business you’re trying to promote, that kind of thing. There’s one very quick way to get more followers onto your platform. There’s also the standard organic way. There’s usually a productive, workmanlike way to acquire more followers. But is there a best way?

Oh yes! But finding it may take time. How far are you prepared to go with the work before you get to that moment of discovery? The quickest way to get more followers onto your Instagram platform is to simply buy them.

The way of preference of leading Instagram influencers is always the organic way. But how quickly you are able to grow your following on Instagram always depends on just how productive you are on your platform. And of course, just how good you are at what you do. Like me. Are you as good as I am? Or do you have the potential to develop to this level. I believe you do. No, I don’t need to be an Instagram guru to figure this out. I told you, I really am a nice guy. Nice guys don’t always finish last. They certainly don’t, definitely not on Instagram.

Go ahead and do your research. See if I’m talking nonsense. I reckon the nicest guys are among some of the top dogs on Instagram. Like cats, like dogs, geddit? Anyhow, as for the rest of the guys, and sad to see this happening, there’s just so many of them out there, well, let’s just say they’re all a bunch of twits. And they’re definitely not on Instagram. Or are they? Hmm, maybe but you see, I only like to focus on the positives.

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Thoughts On Buying Insta Add-Ons

To dip straight into matters at hand, this article opens up with an immediate answer. Yes, you can buy your Instagram followers. You can also get Insta likes and comments at a price as well. Fortunately, and in most instances, you will not be required to pay exorbitant fees for this add-on service. It is quite possible to purchase as many as one thousand followers for as little as ten dollars. The same goes for the likes and comments.

But do take heed of the old adage of the conscientious consumer, these days, mostly online. That is to say; buyers beware. But in no way does this friendly consumer warning detract from or denigrate the value or advantage that could be enjoyed from such a purchase, perceptively unusual for readers looking at this matter for the first time. It also goes without saying that cheap services (if any) oftentimes do not deliver the goods.

A fleeting search on the internet leads you to numerous ‘cheap’ ‘service’ offerings. In such cases, however, you should accept that you will merely be paying for a number. So, if this suits your social media marketing campaign or strategy going forward then by all means. Such followers could even be automatons otherwise known as bots in today’s online parlance. In most cases, such characteristic followers bought have been derived from expired accounts.

They are essentially inactive accounts and cannot, therefore actively engage with you or respond to your platform posts. For such ‘affordable’ purchases, no guarantee of engagement can be given. But perhaps at this point, a stern warning could be offered. If you do detect such services that ‘promise you the earth’, they are not likely to deliver the goods. It could even be a risky investment for you. But there is the caveat.

It is full credit to you if you are prepared to expend a sufficient amount of your production time in thoroughly researching the matter. Because your diligence could see you through to service orientations that will be following you or rival accounts on your behalf. And in such cases, you are usually required to be specific about your preferences. Usually, the very basics are all that are required.

Usually you will be providing your online service provider with your location, type of account, personal stats such as gender, and even some indication of your hashtag use. The end result will be that there are those accounts that will definitely follow you back, if only for a short period of time. If you are particularly stretched financially at this time, this should be more than enough for you to expect.

Ultimately, the strategy is going to be to lure your target markets and future organic followers. Generally speaking, current and progress oriented entrepreneurs are making use of this device during those periods when organic followers tend to drop off. Such dips should never be held up as a negative reflection of your work and is usually related to market forces.

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