Thanksgiving Collection for Italian homeless

Dear RIC friends
I hope this finds you well. As we mentioned last Sunday we will have two different collections to help those in need this year. First is PROJECT ROME. We will have a guest speaker this Sunday, Mary Stuart-Miller, who will explain her ministry. Below you will find the information that she has sent to us about this ministry. We will collect the decorated shoe boxes filled with items on Sunday Nov. 22 at the service. I will send out information about our second collection, which will be for the JNRC (refugee center) later as we get closer to the presentation on Nov. 29th and collection on Dec. 6.

God bless
Pastor Brian

The Great Project Rome Christmas Shoe-Box Appeal

Please fill a shoe-box for a homeless man with some or all of the following new items:-

Woollen hat, gloves, scarf, deodorant, toothbrush and paste, shampoo, soap, flannel (wash cloth), wipes, sanitiser, under-pants (M/L), compact umbrella, mandarin, nuts, chocolate.

Please wrap with Christmas or decorative paper, and the boxes can be left at RIC on 22nd November, or put into the black containers to the left of the St. George’s Security Office at any time.

What is Project Rome?
Project Rome seeks to do small things with great love. We are there for any human, to whom we can bring kindness, genuine warmth, practical help and, a hug.
At the moment, we see that the Italian homeless, and other immigrants, are in desperate need. Rome is like an open air `hotel' late at night, bodies in doorways everywhere. A can of deodorant or a pair of socks are accepted as if they were solid gold. Yet a hug, a warm look in the eye, or a sincere gesture, is accepted with disbelief and incredible gratitude and warmth.
Tiburtina Tuesday provides a home-cooked meal for any person in need who comes along to meet us. Our team of Project Rome volunteers is met by well over 100 hungry and desperate homeless Italians and `stranieri’, we hand out around 200 boxes of hot food. We talk to them and we write down what they need in terms of shoes, jackets, sleeping bags, etc., then we endeavour to bring their `orders’ the next week.
But far more importantly, we give them hugs, hope and love.
On other nights of the week we drive around the streets of Rome, we meet desperate people, we talk to them, find out what they need, sit and share a coffee, and we embrace them, show that we care, we kiss them and we come back again.
We also support a community of around 20 people living in an abandoned building where we go three times a week with a full home cooked meal. We have completely furnished their building with beds, mattresses, cupboards, sofas, armchairs, tables & chairs, shelving and cooking implements, china, glass and cutlery.
If you’d like to join us, you can do any Tuesday, come along at 20.20 and meet in front of the Hotel New Gemini in Via Guido Mazzoni, opposite Tiburtina bus station. Speak with any of the guys gathered on the hotel side of the road, and at 20.30 our `Herbie Love Bug Beetle' arrives, laden with food and clothes.
How else can you help? You can donate men's jackets, jeans and shoes. Or new socks and under-pants (the most needed items). You could bring toiletries, or dried foods for us to cook. You can donate furniture for us to give, or to sell, we even take entire apartments! Donations can be taken to any `Italy With Us' tour offices in central Rome (Vatican, Collosseum or Pantheon), or we'll arrange to pick up.
With love, and thanks.
It doesn't matter what you do, where you do it, or how you do it, as long as you do it with great love.